Isaac Toast (이삭토스트)

Local de sándwiches
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Nick K
47 month ago
The place is hidden within other shops, but it’s definitely worth to look for it. Staff is friendly, everything is very clean. A bit crowded in the morning, but taste is just amazing!!!
Saudi F
53 month ago
Spicy chicken order number 4 👌🏻 so delicious !
AManda H
55 month ago
Just mediocre toast. Good for quick bite. The bread it self is a little sweet. I think generally everywhere serves bread/ bakery that are a tad sweet in Korea.
Angela L
58 month ago
best sandwich - they are bringing ham & cheese toast to a whole new level!
Mike L
58 month ago
Good sandwich on the go. Get #1 mvp which has a bulgogi patty, cheese, and egg. Not worth the wait tho.
Olli V
60 month ago
Nice set of different breakfast toast options. Be prepared to wait line, but the line looks worse than it is as they serve customers quickly.
TC Boi
63 month ago
Visited the place at 8pm and there was no queue. Ordered the Bulgogi MVP and it tasted good. Kinda like a ramly burger in Malaysia.
Rachel S
66 month ago
Trendy and yummy
67 month ago
Errm... More hype than taste here. And you'll figure out fast enough is only Hong Kong and Chinese tourists who are queueing... Lol
Michelle E
68 month ago
Worth the Q and wait. Simple breakfast! My favorite is number 3. Spicy but very delicious!